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20 Sep 2017

Tibetan Private Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Selakui

With the ever increasing number of students graduating out of Tibetan school system in India, it is clear that not everyone pursue higher academic studies in colleges and universities. On the other hand, there is always the need for skilled workforce in any society. More importantly, if we are to return back toTibet one day, we will need the necessary skills for rebuilding our country in different technical fields.

The VTC thus provides this opportunity for our school graduates who are less academically gifted but has the potentials to excel in a range of technical skills in varous trades so that they can serve in different industries, community centres in India or abroad and even set up their own business entrepreneurship and generate self-employment. The Center stretches over 65 acres of land and built with support of the SOS Kinderdorf International in August 2000. Today, it provides training in technical trades such as Motor Mechanic, Wireman/Electrician, Carpentry, Service Trades such as hair and skin care, hair dresser and spa therapist, professional computer application and front office combined with secretarial practice and hotel trades such as house keeping, food and beverage service, food production, bakery and confectionary.

After their training, every effort is made for their placement within and outside the Tibetan community in their respective field of trade. Encouragement and support is also given for self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Numerical Data (May, 2018)

Students: 159
Day Scholar : 0
Staff: 20

Others : 11

TOTAL : 190

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Tibetan Private Industrial Training Institute (ITI)
P.O Selakui
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