One important criteria of TCV’s development program is the focus on youth education and their integration into society. For the Tibetans in exile, youth represents an important stake for the future of Tibet and the continuity of its identity.

Since the mid-80’s, there was a sharp increase in the number of students graduating from TCV and entering into colleges, universities and training centers in India. Bearing parental responsibilities, we guide the students in their chosen field of studies or career options.

Today, over 60% of co-workers in different TCV branches are alumni members and a significant number is also serving in various departments of the exiled government. Though it is a matter of pride for the organization to see more and more of its students pursue further education, it is also a great concern from the financial point of view.

Current Situation
There are a little over 1800 students under our scholarship program of which about 800 students are without sponsors due to various reasons. Most of them have come from Tibet without any formal education and are generally over-aged in school. Another reason is that free education granted to children of both exiled government and TCV staff members are bereft of sponsors as per our policy. Also a small group of adolescent’s sponsorship cancels over time and finding a replacement is a problem. On the whole, it is always challenging to find sponsors for young adolescents.

Financial Problem
We are spending an average of Rs. 60,000/- to Rs. 65,000/- (USD 1000) annually for a student attending a degree course at an Indian college. Given the increasing number of young adolescents (ages between 18-27) pursuing further education and training programs, our fears of dealing with the financial problem may become ever more critical.

Appeal for Fund
Given the current situation, we are in serious need of financial assistance. Unless we are able to address the problem to some degree now, it may lead us to a very unsure financial future. Under the circumstances, we wish to appeal for funding support towards this program. Your support would be most helpful and appreciated.


Thank You Very Much and Tashi Delek!