The Tibetan Children’s Village is a charitable organization, almost entirely dependent on the kindness and generosity of friends, supporters and donors.  We are fortunate that internal aid agencies and individuals have always been sympathetic to the Tibetan situation and have responded well to our appeal for help in the last 5 decades.

While efforts are continued to be made toward becoming self-reliant and independent through different self-sustaining ventures like the TCV Enterprise, Parent’s Contribution, TCV Membership and Alumni Associations to generate internal sources of revenue, we are still challenged with so many children to look after in our schools.

To top this, there are random needs for implementation of projects, which are largely unbudgeted. Each school proposes its needs and with the child sponsorship contribution, it is not possible to meet the costs of these projects. As a result, we are confronted with stiffness in our financial reserve. Therefore, we appeal to you for help to finance or co-finance a project from the attached list of specific needs.  Please know that every penny is a great help!

To sustain the life-giving works of the TCV, we will always stand in need of financial assistance from our friends and supporters.

Thank you very much !

TCV School, Dharamshala      
S No. Project Title Project Location Quantity/Area  Project Cost (Rs.)  Remarks
1 Public Toilet Renovation Public restrooms near basketball ground Boys & Girls Rest Rooms                       2,50,000 We have not been able to face-lift the public toilet used by the children, staff and visitors for over 5 years and the condition of the rest rooms for both men and women need repair and renovation to convert it into a welcoming and hygienic space.
2 Staff Quarter Renovation Below Tuck Shop 2 family quarters                    17,70,200 Currently vacant and unserviceable staff Quarters. This project will add value to the utility of the building and safeguard it from further deterioration.
3 Room Renovation at the Girls’ Hostel Ground Floor Ground Floor Rooms                    39,47,200 Currently unused for over a decade and unserviceable due to its severely battered condition, small rooms and very dingy.
4 Laundry Building Renovation Staff Quarter Bathrooms 3 floor levels                       1,19,000 There is acute leakage problem in the rooms.  This kind of problem needs to be treated urgently to prevent further damage to the building and also to safeguard the staff resident’s health.
5 Monkyiling Staff Quarter Sheet Replacement & Renovation Staff quarters above old dispensary 3200 sft. 11,19,833 This staff quarter block is one of the oldest buildings on campus, over 40 years old.  The building condition is battered and withered by the extreme climatic conditions in Dharamsala.  As such there exist a real need to repair and renovate the building by replacing the sheet roofing, plastering the broken and battered walls, giving it a fresh paint, renovating the toilet/bathroom block & repairing the drainage system etc.   
6 Installation of Solar Power Roof-top Grid PV System for electricity Campus wide 3KVA Power Grid                    34,52,965 We spent the highest expenditure on electricity beside kitchen food budget.  There is huge consumption on campus, especially during the cold months when a lot of homes & staff quarters use electrical heating items which is necessary.  To curb the high expenditures and to opt for an eco-friendly environment, we should go for solar energy use to produce electricity.  This is an ambitious project, but if we are able to install a unit as a pilot project on campus, we are positive that in the years ahead, the project will have impact.   
TCV School, Gopalpur      
S No. Project Title Project Location Quantity Project Cost (Rs.) Remarks
1 New toilets for boys and girls Children rest rooms near academic blocks 2 floors with 4 separate wash rooms each for boys and girls                    25,50,000 The present rest rooms are not at all conducive for children and its location. Both the toilets are adjacent to our school temple and classrooms which really needs immediate attention. On top of this, the present wash rooms are very old and the condition is very critical. The stringent smell from the wash rooms especially during the class hours is very disturbing in all respect. 
2 Basketball ground renovation Near School Hall Main basket ground near school hall                       1,00,000 The basket ground need to be repaired as the center of the ground has huge cracks risking injury to children and if these cracks are not filled up sooner, these may widen and deepen in time, costing us more with major renovation.
3 False ceiling Senior Section                         4,04,201 The false ceiling at the senior classroom block especially the area near the corridor and edges of the building is in bad condition. These are very old and have worn off very badly. These false ceiling are of more than 20 years old and all are of wooden material which are decayed and dilapidated.
4 Rain Cover Sheet for main entrance  Senior Section                            80,000 The main entrance of senior section has the problem of water logging especially during the monsoon season. The excessive water logging put the students and teachers in great hassle. This rain water gets into the classrooms and staff room and in the corridors and causes rusting of the metal items in the school due to the dampness. This can be corrected only by installing rain cover sheet near the entrance door of the senior section.  
5 Sheet roofing Phulchung Gakyiling Staff Quarters 3120 sft                       6,58,400 During the monsoon season, the roof tops of the staff quarter blocks and the 3 hostels are (made from concrete cement & slate topping) infested with wild growth and as such seeping of water from the roof harms the ceiling and the walls. The respective occupants of the staff quarters and hostel matrons take every care by rooting out the shrubs grown on the roof tops and sprinkling chemicals for stopping the  growth. During pulling of the shrubs, the cement too comes out and cause more harm than good. So, the best option as conclusively shown by the roofing of homes and mini girl’s hostel that we have already carried out is to make roofing with iron sheet. 
6 Sheet roofing   Dekyiling Staff Quarters 3572 sft                    13,57,946
7 Sheet roofing   Yangchuk Khangsar Staff Quarters  6624 sft             38,27,250
8 Sheet roofing   Gakyiling A 4900 sft             18,62,187
9 Sheet roofing   Gakyiling B  4900 sft             26,50,655
10 Sheet roofing   Management (MC) Staff Quarters 3362 sft                    12,19,759
11 Sheet roofing   Youlokoe Boys’ Hostel 4662 sft                    24,35,821
12 Sheet roofing   Shishaphagma boys’ hostel 4959 sft                    25,24,372
13 Sheet roofing Green Girls’ Hostel 6085 sft                    30,82,019
TCV School, Bylakuppe      
S No. Project Title Project Location Quantity/Area  Project Cost (Rs.)  Remarks
1 Water Tank (Synthetic) 1)  Commerce Girls’ Hostel 2)  Junior Section 3)  Staff Quarters near entrance gate 3                          70,200 The water tanks are quite old, fragile and leaky due to exposure to the sun and wind for far too long. Despite several patch works carried out over time, they remain leaky.  Continuous leakage affects the building roof, ceiling and walls.
2 Solar Street Light Street of dispensary, Science & Commerce girls’ hostels, single staff quarters between home no. 14, 15, 16 & 17 7                       1,82,000 Few Solar street lights were installed on campus in 2003 and repaired several times over course of time. They are no longer functional. Movement of children after the evening studies in the night from the classroom to the homes and hostels become risky in the darkness due to snakes.
3 Concrete Flooring Science Girls’ Hostel 810 Sqft                          68,850 Science Girls’ Hostel for classes XI & XII is a combination of four homes. One of the homes is adjacent to the main drain for waste water and rain water from surrounding places. Owing to gush of water during the raining season, the floor around the home gets flooded. There is danger of the back portion of the home walls collapsing.
4 Retaining Wall Football ground 1050 mtrs                       4,91,675 The School football ground is surrounded by rain trees. The trees are good for shelter but cause great harm by their roots. The roots grow massively, that too horizontally which cause bulging of the roads and destroy the retaining walls, roads and side drains.
5 Concrete Road Construction TCV Main Gate to Kitchen Store 10564 sqft                    23,24,080 The main road of the village from the main gate to the corner of the kitchen was converted to metalled road by coating tar (asphalt) in 2003. With passage of time, the layer of tar has worn out. Repair work mainly by patching with cement was done several times. There is no hope of repairing due to rain tree roots affecting it to such an extend that the road has become uneven and have potholes everywhere. A concrete cemented road will be more enduring. 
6 Kitchen Sheet Roof painting TCV Main Kitchen 5185 sqft                          51,850 The asbestos sheets replaced by Iron sheets in 1998. The color of the sheets faded owing to exposure to the sun and the wind which resulted in rusting of the sheets. It is high time to paint the roof to avoid future decay. 
7 Dekyi Tsering Hall Roof Sheet Painting TCV Bylakuppe Main Hall 9870 sqft                          98,700 The asbestos sheet roofing at the Dekyi Tsering hall was replaced by thin sheets in 2003 and re-painting was done in 2013. It is high time to paint the sheets to avoid rusting. Since the hall is a multipurpose place, hundreds of students and staff gather frequently related to school activities and one of the most used facility on campus. 
8 Family Staff Quarter 4 family quarters One block of staff family quarters 6760 sqft                          67,700 This family staff quarter block located behind the Senior School building was built in 2003. Its outer portion coating is worn out due to exposure to the sun, wind and rain. It needs to be painted otherwise its condition will turn from bad to worst.
9 Parapet slab painting Village Shrine (chapel) 3400 sqft                          34,000 The village chapel (shrine) has turned dark on the inside due to burning of incense and juniper leaves. The outer portion too is faded due to exposure to the sun, wind and rain. The parapet slab too needs painting.
10 Four House Masters Qtrs Below David Staff Quarters L-Shaped block 4420 sqft for 4 single qtrs                          44,200 Staff quarters built initially to accommodate teachers on House Master’s duty, who cannot go back to their homes in camps during inter-house co-curricular activites. It was built in 2001 and needs to be painted as its outer parts have faded due to prolonged exposure to the sun, wind and rain for many years. 
11 Hospital Staff Quarters-2 At the hospital premises Single block for 4 families                          43,050 This block was built in 2007 to accommodate nurses and health workers of the dispensary.  The building needs painting on its outer walls.  It looks awkward and dirty from the outside and a fresh paint can give it a nice facelift.  
12 Hospital Staff Quarters-1 At hospital premises Extended single block for family and single health center staff                          62,300
TCV School, Ladakh      
S No. Project Title Project Location Quantity/Area  Project Cost (Rs.)  Remarks
1 Expansion & renovation of classrooms, reading room and office  Sumdo 2000 sft                       6,20,500 The current classrooms, reading room and office facilities at Sumdo School were constructed in 1980 to cater to the educational needs of the community there. However, due to the small size of the classrooms and evolving educational requirements, these facilities have become inadequate and limited in meeting the needs of modern education. The project will also include necessary infrastructure upgrades such as electrical wiring, lighting, ventilation, and other repairs to ensure safety, comfort, and functionality of the existing facilities.
2 Construction of Shopping Complex Choglamsar Block – 1                   5,78,53,939 Toward our effort in becoming self-reliant and sustainable in generating income, we are planning to build this shopping complex on an unused land owned by TCV Choglamsar-Ladakh attached to the main school campus.  There is great likelihood that this piece of land may be occupied by someone else, as there is a constant fear of land encroachment in the area where there is a prospect of making fortune and good money. This land is situated right in the middle of Choglamsar market, surrounded by many villages, right on the Leh-Manali highway.  This location is prime for shopping centers in the whole of Ladakh region.  
Block – 2                   2,64,25,592
Block – 3                     97,26,804
Tibetan Private ITI, Selakui      
S No. Project Title Project Location Quantity/Area  Project Cost (Rs.)  Remarks
1 Food Production Oven (OGT) 1                          35,000 These are the main equipment of a professional kitchen and the trainees of this trade must have sound knowledge of its usage and its properties too. They are in the requisite list of ITI too.
Salamander 1                          32,000
Microwave Oven 1                          15,000
2 Food & Beverages Service Electric Geyser 1                          10,000 These are the main equipment of a professional restaurant and the trainees of this trade must have sound knowledge of its usage and its properties too. They are on the requisite list of ITI too. The material for the table layout is the main ingredient in teaching trainees about various table layouts.
Microwave Oven 1                          15,000
Table Layout materials 1                          30,000
3 Bakers & Confectioners Deep Fat Fryer 1                             7,000 Deep Fat Fryer is a basic necessity for bakery products like donutes and many others where deep frying is needed and it is also in the requisite list of ITI too. And the generator for the oven is needed to save the electricity bill which is incurred when we are compelled to run the main generator while the product is in the process. Switching on the main generator results up in the unnecessary usage of electricity in other part of centre.
Generator of Oven (10KVA) 1                       1,60,000
4 SPA Therapy Interior Lighting System 1                          10,000 To provide an elegant ambience looks to standardize the learning atmostphere of the trade.
5 Secretarial Practice Laptop System upgrading 12                          36,000 To upgrade the existing 12 laptops with the latest configuration so that laptops can be brought to maximum usage to the learning resource for Secretarial trainees.
New Laptop 3                       1,20,000 Since we have 15 nos of student in SP Trade, we have a shortage of 3 laptop for the trainees.
Smart TV Tutorial Board 1                          65,000 As per the ITI requirements list as well as to upgrade the trade to today’s level, this requisition can be the beginning of a new era of learning for trainees. We went to keep this as trail and if outcome is good we can plan about this for every trade in future for the convenience of trainees as well as instructors.
6 Hair & Skin Care Beauty Studio 2                             8,000 All of these are in the requisite list of ITI ad we have the shortage of these in trade so far. Availability of this required equipment will definitely help a lot in providing a good and sound teaching for the trainees.
Pedi Spa Tub 1                             5,000
Skin Analyzer 1                             5,000
Nail Art Kit 15                          15,000
Electric Geyser (15L) 1                          10,000
Hair Straighter 3                          15,000
Hair Dryer (2000WA) 3                          15,000
Hair Clipper 2                             6,000
7 Carpentry Drill machine Battery Bosch GSP 180Li 1                          13,000 With the provision of these equipment, it will be much more convenient and time saving for the trainees to work out in the field. These can also provide practical learning for the trainees if they can have the availability of these during the training.
Mortising Chisel Machine 1                          52,000
Nailing Gun Automatic 1                             9,000
8 Wireman Automatic Reverse & Forward Starter 1                             5,000 Technology are getting upgraded at an astonishing speed and upgrading the equipment of trade is of the most demanding nature here. So with time more solar energy-related technologies are coming up and they are also been updated in the requisition list of ITI. Acquiring these can immensely benefit the trainee’s learning as they can open up more learning resources.
DMX Controller 1                          12,500
Solar Traffic Light model 1                          10,000
Meter Reading Instrument (MRI) 1                          55,000
Solar Street Light System Model 1                          20,000
Solar DC Pump 1                          22,500
Soft Starter 1                             5,000
Tibetan Youth Hostel, Bangalore      
S No. Project Title Project Location Quantity/Area  Project Cost (Rs.)  Remarks
1 Truss sheet roofing  Administrative & Library Block   1,80,000 This block is 3 storied and has a flat concreter roof top which is now leaking from cracks and the interiors of the building are dampened and damaged.  There is need to construct truss sheet roofing so that the leakage problem is treated.   
Tibetan Youth Hostel, Delhi      
S No. Project Title Project Location Quantity/Area  Project Cost (Rs.)  Remarks
1 Installation of Solar Power Grid Campus wide 120 KWP                    40,00,000 During the summer months with extreme heat in Delhi, electrical power consumption reaches its peak and we pay heavily.  To combat the high electricity bills, solar power grid installation is an alternative solution which can prove economical and eco-friendly in the long run.