The Tibetan Children’s Village is a charitable organization, almost entirely dependent on the kindness and generosity of friends, supporters and donors.  We are fortunate that internal aid agencies and individuals have always been sympathetic to the Tibetan situation and have responded well to our appeal for help in the last 5 decades.

While efforts are continued to be made toward becoming self-reliant and independent through different self-sustaining ventures like the TCV Enterprise, Parent’s Contribution, TCV Membership and Alumni Associations to generate internal sources of revenue, we are still challenged with so many children to look after in our schools.

To top this, there are random needs for implementation of projects, which are largely unbudgeted. Each school proposes its needs and with the child sponsorship contribution, it is not possible to meet the costs of these projects. As a result, we are confronted with stiffness in our financial reserve. Therefore, we appeal to you for help to finance or co-finance a project from the attached list of specific needs.  Please know that every penny is a great help!

To sustain the life-giving works of the TCV, we will always stand in need of financial assistance from our friends and supporters.

Thank you very much !

Project listing….


S.No.  Project Title   School/Branch   Amount(Rs.) 
1 Colored sheet roofing of village storeroom Bylakuppe           7,20,500
2 Colored sheet roofing of village garage Bylakuppe           4,11,125
3 Footpath and gate at New Girls’ Hostel (NGH-2) Dharamsala              86,123
4 Costs for loading and unloading of debris (Renovation of Dhondupling – Whitehouse staff quarters)  Dharamsala           1,72,558
5 Repair of boundary wall and drainage on the main road side (Dhondupling – Whitehouse SQ) Dharamsala           2,25,021
6 Renovation of the front yard toward the east-end at Dhondupling – Whitehouse staff quarters Dharamsala           3,07,216
7 Renovation and sheet roofing of Village Office Dharamsala         13,74,505
8 Computer Lab (Japan Center) truss roof replacement Dharamsala           5,90,517
9 Painting of interiors of Senior Section Library Dharamsala              65,000
10 Painting of exterior walls of classes X, XI, XII & Art Room Dharamsala           1,70,000
11 Truss roof replacement of the Hermann-Gmeiner Hall Dharamsala         15,90,168
12 Re-paint (Interior & Exterior) of Hermann-Gmeiner Hall Dharamsala           4,80,750
13 General repair work in the Hermann-Gmeiner Hall Dharamsala           7,61,200
14 Wooden floor polishing and repairing in Hermann-Gmeiner Hall  Dharamsala           7,00,000
15 SLIM software and bar code system in the library DLIHE Bangalore           1,07,000
16 UPS Inverter PCB Replacement for Academic Center DLIHE Bangalore              29,561
17 Boundary wall repair at Whitefield Property DLIHE Bangalore              10,825
18 Underground HT cable laying for electricity DLIHE Bangalore         11,80,000
19 Installation of CPVC pipes in GH toilets/bathrooms (leakages) DLIHE Bangalore              80,240
20 UG cable protection (144 Qty of 75mm dia 3 mm PVC pipe for cable and 9 mts of RCC poles) DLIHE Bangalore           1,35,000
21 Installation of HT metering cubicle with 3 potential transformers DLIHE Bangalore           3,45,000
22 Hall stage renovation Gopalpur           1,47,665
23 Renovation of bathrooms/toilets at Youlokoe Hostel (boys) Gopalpur         12,61,523
24 In-campus road repair (30 mm bituminous) Gopalpur           8,51,812
25 LT power supply line (armoured cable) at Youlokoe Boys’ Hostel Gopalpur           1,07,645
26 Boxes for teaching aids (40 boxes) for Montessori Education Head Office              61,360
27 Water purifier for Head Office kitchen (replace the old filter) Head Office              13,000
28 Purchase of franking machine for sponsorship section updated version) Head Office           1,47,000
29 Interior wall painting in all office sections (Putty and paint) Head Office           1,25,000
30 Purchase of computer, printer, hard drive and arm chair for Data Systems Administrator  Head Office              66,850
31 Documentation, repair and fuel costs for the old school bus transferred to Private ITI  Ladakh              76,952
32 Workshop  (4 days) on “methods of teaching Tibetan language” to 40 Tibetan teachers  Ladakh              45,000
33 CBSE affiliation related expenses (renewal) Selakui           1,88,500
34 Water tanks (7 nos. 1000 ltr capacity) for homes, academic block and staff quarters  Selakui           1,11,349
35 Requirements for home unit kitchen (switching from common kitchen) Selakui           5,27,272
36 Pipeline replacement in bathrooms/toilets in the 2 hostels TYH Bangalore           3,75,935
37 Bore well HDPE heavy pipe (450ft/40mm/12.5kg) TYH Bangalore              19,450
38 Laptop for the Administrator’s office TYH Bangalore              40,000