Specific Projects

Please help fund specific projects:

The Tibetan Children’s Village is a charitable organization, almost entirely dependent on the kindness and generosity of friends, supporters and donors.  We are fortunate that internal aid agencies and individuals have always been sympathetic to the Tibetan situation and have responded well to our appeal for help in the last 5 decades.

While efforts are continued to be made toward becoming self-reliant and independent through different self-sustaining ventures like the TCV Enterprise, Parent’s Contribution, TCV Membership and Alumni Associations to generate internal sources of revenue, we are still challenged with so many children to look after in our schools.

To top this, there are random needs for implementation of projects, which are largely unbudgeted. Each school proposes its needs and with the child sponsorship contribution, it is not possible to meet the costs of these projects. As a result, we are confronted with stiffness in our financial reserve. Therefore, we appeal to you for help to finance or co-finance a project from the attached list of specific needs.  Please know that every penny is a great help!

To sustain the life-giving works of the TCV, we will always stand in need of financial assistance from our friends and supporters.


S.No.  Project Title  Branch  Amount(Rs.)
1 Ramp construction near Hermann Gmeiner Hall (easy lane) Dharamsala 377,993.00
2 CBSE workshop for Principal & Headmistress Dharamsala 8,000.00
3 2 family quarters truss roofing & renovation Bylakuppe 970,420.00
4 Single quarters renovation & truss roofing Bylakuppe 874,467.00
5 Family staff quarters truss roofing Bylakuppe 557,750.00
6 Hospital staff quarters truss roofing renovation Bylakuppe 224,850.00
7 Home no. 1, 2, & 3 repair work Bylakuppe 63,998.00
8 Home no. 4 repair work Bylakuppe 70,470.00
9 Home no. 5, 6, 7 & 8 repair work Bylakuppe 78,700.00
10 Home no. 14, 15 & 16 repair work Bylakuppe 74,582.00
11 Home no. 17, 18, 19 & 20 repair work Bylakuppe 84,528.00
12 Commerce Girls’ & Boys’ hostel repair work Bylakuppe 99,753.00
13 Double-decker beds, mattresses & cupboards for Homes/Hostels Bylakuppe 1,345,900.00
14 Iron platforms in the main kitchen store for dry ration Lower Dharamsala 25,346.00
15 Chain link fencing at the back of 2 new hostel blocks  DLIHE, Bangalore 320,960.00
16 M.S. barricade & gate for academic blocks  DLIHE, Bangalore 2,840,378.00
17 Aluminium partition in Administrative block DLIHE, Bangalore 153,265.00
18 Wiring in the Administrative block DLIHE, Bangalore 68,315.00
19 Digital Library DLIHE, Bangalore 280,000.00
20 Bore-well for water supply to two newly built Hostels DLIHE, Bangalore 400,000.00
21 The bituminous road from the main road up to new Hostels DLIHE, Bangalore 2,700,000.00
22 Rainwater drain along the bituminous road DLIHE, Bangalore 1,700,000.00
23 False ceiling in Academic Block – II Hall DLIHE, Bangalore 800,000.00
24 Departmental Store Renovation Work – TCV Enterprises Ltd. Head Office 797,468.00
25 Home # 28 partition work for Resource Teachers – Upper Head Office 383,861.00


Lobsang Tsomo
General Secretary
TCV Head Office
P.O. Dharamshala Cantt,
Distt. Kangra – 176216

Tel No:+91 1892 221348(Head Office)

Fax: +91 1892-221670