TCV Lower Dharamsala

Lower TCV was established at a time when Upper Tibetan Children's Village was undergoing its worst period of overcrowding. Because of the liberalisation policy adopted by the Chinese in response to the international condemnation of its human rights records, the 1980's saw a mass escape of people from Tibet. A large section of them were children who needed instant care and rehabilitation. It was once again TCV which assumed the responsibility of looking after them. With initial seed money of one lakh rupees donated by the His Holiness and much of the remainder coming from Herman Gmeiner Fonds Deutschland, TCV carried out the construction of a new school at a poultry farm it owned.

The school was opened in 1984. Initially only 100 newcomer children from Tibet were housed there. Later as the situation changed and other TCV branches could absorb more children from Tibet, Lower TCV was completely turned into a residential school, with the aim of meeting the pressing needs for educational facilities for children of parents who could afford school fees. The school was expanded and upgraded with facilities through class ten. Today, Lower TCV has 632 children under its care. Over the years the school has developed into one of the best residential schools in exile solely financed by Tibetan parents.

Numerical Data (April, 2017)

Boarders : 457
Day Scholars : 81

Staff (Regular) : 72
Others : 4
Old People : 0

Total : 614

How You can Help

If you are in the US, you can make a tax deductible donation by visiting the website of Tibet House California.


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