TCV Ladakh

The Tibetan Settlement in Ladakh in the 70's was the most remote and least developed of all the Tibetan communities in exile. Nomadic refugee camps were scattered all along this Indo-Tibet border region where communication and physical contacts were almost entirely cut off from the rest of Tibetans in India. His Holiness was deeply concerned about their future, particularly the fate of the children. In order to alleviate their poor condition, a plan was implemented to provide education and introduce sustainable development programmes in that region.

With initial seed money of Rs.10,000 from His Holiness The XIV Dalai Lama and land donated by the local Indian government, TCV set out to build a children's village near Leh, Ladakh in 1975. Today TCV Ladakh is a thriving SOS Village with its own school and other facilities. The school includes classes from pre-school through grade ten, after which students can join other TCV branches for further education. Out of 24 children's homes or Khimtsangs, seven are allotted to destitute Ladakhi children.

Besides the main SOS Village at Choglamsar, there are now seven schools, three in Jangthang and one handicraft cum vocational training centre, one agro-nomadic farm and one old people's home. Nicknamed "oasis in the desert," TCV Ladakh has become the pride of the region, serving both the Tibetan and Ladakhi communities in the best tradition of universal responsibility and care.

Numerical Data (April, 2017)

Boarders: 674
Day Scholars: 364

Staff : 158
Others: 8
Old People : 54

Total :  1258


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