TCV Chauntra

TCV Patlikuhl school in the Kulu Valley was started on a temporary basis by the Tibetans at the road work camps in the early 1970s. But because of its proximity to the River Beas, the school faced constant danger of flooding during the monsoon season. In 1995, it was completely flooded for days. Therefore, children and staff had to be temporarily evacuated on safer grounds, but there was already much damage to the school buildings and other properties.

Because of this constant danger, it was felt best to relocate and rebuild the school in some other place. With availability of 14.5 acres of land on purchase in the Tibetan settlement of Chauntra, plans were drawn up in 2001 for building of this new school. In the May of 2004 the children actually moved from Patlikuhl to the new school and the formal inauguration was held on 21st November 2004 by His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama in the presence of some of the sponsors who contributed in the construction of the project.

Numerical data as of August 2013

Boys (Boarders): 483
Girls (Boarders): 385
Boys (Dayscholars): 2
Girls (Dayscholars): 1

Total: 871 

Staff: 95

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