Specific Projects

Please help fund specific projects:

The Tibetan Children’s Village is a charitable organization, almost entirely dependent on the kindness and generosity of friends, supporters and donors.  We are fortunate that internal aid agencies and individuals have always been sympathetic to the Tibetan situation and have responded well to our appeal for help in the last 5 decades.

While efforts are continued to be made toward becoming self-reliant and independent through different self-sustaining ventures like the TCV Enterprise, Parent’s Contribution, TCV Membership and Alumni Associations to generate internal sources of revenue, we are still challenged with so many children to look after in our schools.

To top this, there are random needs for implementation of projects, which are largely unbudgeted. Each school proposes its needs and with the child sponsorship contribution, it is not possible to meet the costs of these projects. As a result, we are confronted with stiffness in our financial reserve. Therefore, we appeal to you for help to finance or co-finance a project from the attached list of specific needs.  Please know that every penny is a great help!  

To sustain the life-giving works of the TCV, we will always stand in need of financial assistance from our friends and supporters.  


1 Revised Tibetan textbooks for classes IX and X   All schools         550,000.00
2 Crockery items for class XI Commerce students - 2017 Bylakuppe           87,086.00
3 25 KV Generator repair, Bylakuppe – Rs. 54,609/- Bylakuppe           54,609.00
4 Chair desk for computer lab, Bylakuppe – Rs. 72,150/- Bylakuppe           72,150.00
5 TCV United Team for GCM 2017 Bylakuppe           28,700.00
6 Gowns for Health Center patients Chauntra           20,000.00
7 Solid waste management Chauntra         145,000.00
8 School hall roof painting Chauntra         153,840.00
9 Staff mess relocation (Convert one home) Chauntra         181,650.00
10 Computers for children (4 nos.) Delhi Day School         120,000.00
11 Whitewash/painting of school building Delhi Day School         161,000.00
12 Expenditure incurred for inauguration  DLIHE Bangalore         602,781.00
13 Replacement of deep freezer for kitchen DLIHE Bangalore           27,000.00
14 Temporary dry waste storage shed DLIHE Bangalore           72,000.00
15 Tibetan Identity Construction in Diaspora (1st National Conference) DLIHE Bangalore         300,000.00
16 Revamping of website, DLIHE Bangalore – Rs. 26,500/- DLIHE Bangalore           26,500.00
17 Geography Tour (additional expenses) DLIHE Bangalore           15,000.00
18 IT requirement for Library and Administration Block DLIHE Bangaore     1,725,600.00
19 Bus (modification) Ladakh         830,000.00
20 Nutrition training for home mothers - Mother Training Center Mother Training Center           17,900.00
21 LCD projectors (6 nos.) Selakui         192,000.00
22 Biogas plant Selakui           87,400.00
23 Garbage shed Selakui           87,400.00
24 Riglam interaction with monks (dialectics) Selakui           48,280.00
25 Water purifier (installation work only) Selakui           82,339.00
26 Library renovation and improvement Selakui     2,720,636.00
27 Roof and window repair work in Home no. 5 Suja           96,400.00
28 Solar Water Heating Unit for Home no. 4 Suja           75,000.00
29 Additional expenses for open stage rest room/toilet Upper         103,066.00
30 Renovation work in Home no. 4 Upper         224,500.00
31 Drainage repair behind Junior section classroom block  Upper         128,299.00
32 Pipeline connection from Alexandra Home to Handicraft Center Upper         220,250.00


How You can Help

If you are in the US, you can make a tax deductible donation by visiting the website of Tibet House California.


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