Dear sponsors and friends of TCV, 

At this time of unprecedented Wuhan COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, it is disturbing to see so many lives being lost and many more suffering, I write here with our prayers that our dear sponsors and friends around the world and particularly in Europe and North America are well, safe and sound. We will continue to say our prayers for this terrible virus to pass out at the earliest, so that we can return back to our normal lives again. 

I am sure many of you are deeply concerned about TCV and the children that you sponsor and are dear to you, I am happy to write here and to say TCV is safe and sound and not to worry.  Fortunately for TCV, the Management was quite well aware of the dangers of this COVID-19 much before it actually started spreading in India. We issued a memo on 17th February 2020 to all our branches on the precautionary measures that we have to take. Subsequent to this memo, the Directors and Principals of our five TCV branches in H.P State along with the Head Office management met three times to further discuss on the measures to be taken including quarantine facilities in the event of an outbreak in any of our branches.

Our schools were to reopen for the new academic session 2020 on 3rd of March 2020 and because of news of outbreak of the virus in Delhi and around areas, the management decided to close down the schools indefinitely and all children below class VIII who have returned from their winter holidays sent back with their parents, relatives who had come to drop the children to the schools. We now realize we took the right decision because in spite of our best efforts, it would be very difficult to manage with so many children – nearly 7,500 children in all of TCV.  

After the closer of the Schools on 3rd of March, we had a total of 3,539 children remaining in all of TCV – mainly regular classes for Class IX, X and XII (new batch) and those sitting for CBSE Board exams for Class X and XII and a smaller number of children remaining in the homes. However, with the CBSE remaining exams having postponed and the Government declaring complete lock down till April 14, 2020 those students sitting for their exams were also sent home except for the far off distances.

So right now we have total of 924 children in all our branches – mostly elder ones sitting for the exams and fewer number of smaller children having nowhere to go. The latest position is  whole of India will continue to remain locked down till 3rd of May 2020.           

As of present all our branches and allied projects right from Ladakh down to Bylakuppe are safe and sound We continue to observe all precautionary measures – staying inside, working from home, social distancing  and all necessary steps taken to ensure safety in the campuses. Although the virus is still spreading in India but the Central and State Government is doing everything possible to contain the spread and in this regard India is doing quite well when compared to some of the developed countries. Luckily, our State Himachal Pradesh is now not listed as a Red Zone Spot in India and some relaxation might be allowed for normal life after 3rd May 2020 unless situation worsens. However, unless the situations improve for the better and safe enough, our schools will continue to remain closed for the time being. We will inform you as and when this happens. 

Lastly I also take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind and continued support in our work for the care and education of our children. Do stay safe!

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Thupten Dorjee, President