Initiated and blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the work of Tibetan Children’s Villages since its inception in 1960 has been exceptional and central to the care and education of Tibetan children in exile. Today with over 52% of school going Tibetan children in exile under its care TCV is the largest Tibetan NGO in educational service.

Your affiliation with TCV began when you first stepped in our homes where you had been nurtured with care, love and warmth of a family. And more so an education that had opened wide your aspirations in life to be self reliant and firmly rooted in our ethical values, pride in our rich cultural heritage and identity as Tibetans.

In these last four decades or more, over 30,000 Tibetan children have gone through TCV at some stage or the other – many completing school education and other leaving in between for various reasons. Our former students are scattered almost in all the continents of the world. Many are in service of our Tibetan administration and the community as officials and professionals and others leading a decent living in their own spire of life. Many do maintain contacts with their Alma Matter while others have lost total contacts.

It is the vision of our beloved “AMALA” Kasur Jetsun Pema that TCV continue to give every encouragement and necessary support to our former students so as to build a close bond of being a part of this big family of TCV and that it still cares for their well being. At the same time to hear what our Alumni have to say in further carrying forward our works of TCV to better the lives of the children still under our care. It is imperative that this bond is ensured through a sound understanding of close contacts between the Alma Matter and our former students no matter where they live.

An ALUMNI DESK has thus been set up in the Head Office from 2005 and former students are invited to take up their Alumni membership from the Desk. True to its ‘Mission’, Tibetan Children’s Village has given a sound education, a firm cultural identity and made all its alumni a self reliant and contributing member of our society. For many of us, TCV has been a ‘Home’ where we have lived in harmony for the best part of our years, where we got the best of education with the warmth and love of a family.

Today, thousands of children have gone through TCV and have scattered to different places after their invaluable education from TCV schools. Though we feel proud to be an Ex-TCVian, many of us have lost contact with this home and now a need has been felt that the children should keep in touch with their home and love should flourish again.

The main aim in creating this desk is to generate a sense of belongingness and positive feeling that TCV still cares for the well being of our children by extending its service and facilities.

Alumni Desk
C/o Head Office, TCV School Dharamsala Cantt, Distt Kangra, H.P.-176216 (India)
Tel: +91 1892 221348 |           Ph: +91 9882330353 (Contact via WhatsApp only)
Email: alumnidesk(at)