The Tibetan Children’s Villages accepts mainly children who are in the greatest need among the Tibetan refugees who are orphaned or have a relative but unable to keep the child due to difficult circumstances.

Any child that makes it into India from Tibet (usually as escapees) is also taken into our care, as most of them are unable to get basic education in Tibet.

Can I choose a child myself?
Rather not as children available for sponsorship are in equal need of help. However, sponsors do have the choice to specify gender and age of the child they wish to support.

Case History
You will receive a brief bio-data of a child, with a reference number at the school. This number needs to be quoted in all your correspondences, as Tibetan names are very common. If you have further queries about the child please do not hesitate to contact his/her school or write to us.

How to Begin
It would be nice to write a letter to the school quoting the child’s name and admission number accepting the proposed child for sponsorship. You can tell about yourself and send photos, if you wish. The dealing sponsorship secretary at the respective school will translate your letter if your child is unable to read it.

Which costs are covered by my sponsorship contribution?
Basically everything including food, shelter (utility), clothes, toiletry needs, medical care, education, administrative fees etc. We try to make the sponsorship program not only financially viable for the organization but also meaningful for the sponsored child.

Can I correspond with my sponsored child by post and e-mail?
Yes, but with the help of the Sponsorship Secretary. Although English may be a new language, you will receive a sample of what progress is being made in the form of drawings, letters, words or even a simple letter from time to time. Sponsored children are not obliged to write directly to their sponsors as sometimes false information could lead to misunderstanding and loss of credibility.

What happens with my sponsorship when my sponsored child leaves?
You will receive a Departure Notice from the Sponsorship Secretary stating reasons for leaving the School. In such cases you will also be requested for taking up a new sponsorship if this is possible or support the facility in general.

When does my sponsorship come to an end?
Basically you can end your sponsorship at any time without giving any reasons. However, we would appreciate being informed in advanced about the termination. Sponsorship also ends if your sponsored child:

  • Leaves TCV permanently (e.g. returns to biological family)
  • Completes education at school/college/vocational training
  • Starts to work

Sponsorship Contribution
It is possible to pay according to your convenience but it would be helpful to know how you propose to make the payment. Cheques can take several weeks/months to clear through your bank. All payments have to be paid direct to

Head Office
Tibetan Children’s Villages
Account Name    :- Tibetan Children’s Village
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Account Number :- 39951893163
Bank Name        :- FCRA Cell, 4th Floor, State Bank of India, New Delhi, Main Branch, 11 Sansad Marg, New Delhi 11001
Swift Code : SBININBB104
You can donate using our Online Donation System

For every payment you will receive an official receipt from the Head Office.

Can I visit my my sponsored child at the VIllage?
Yes, by all means but paying due respect to the family’s daily routine with duties big and small. Though the visit can bring joy and variety to every day life, it is however necessary to mainitain a normal and harmonious daily routing. Therefore, visit should not be too long so that other children do not feel envious. In order to avoid resentment of children it is advisable to include other members of the family if you plan to do anything special outside of the home premises.

Can I invite my sponsored child to my country?
As a policy of TCV, no children will be permitted to visit their sponsor in a foreign country until they graduate school and capable of making their own decision. It is normally hard for the child to come back to the life at the Children’s Village after they have visited a country that has a different culture and a high standard of living.

Can my sponsored child complete further education in my country?
Generally not, because higher studies and training are available within India and much cheaper than in a foreign country. However, under special circumstances further education is possible abroad especially for specialised field of studies, provided the student is able to get admission and expenses covered. In such cases information must be sent well in advance to prepare travel document.

When do children have to leave the Village?
Since TCV is home to most of the children under its care it is difficult to give a specific age because of the different education level, different interests and personal development. As such, there is no set rule as to when they must leave. Generally speaking, children leave when they:

  • Finish school
  • Choose vocational training course over school graduation
  • Reunite with their biological family
  • Legally adult and choose to leave

Can I send gift packages to my sponsored child?
Yes, but small, well-packed packages through recommended mode as the postal system is quite unreliable and often parcels are either lost or damaged. In addition, sometimes we have to pay quite high custom duty, which often exceed the value of the parcel. Therefore, sending parcels is actually not the best option instead adding is gift amount to the sponsorship payment is more beneficial so that it can be spent on something useful.

What gifts can I bring my sponsored child?
Bring only small gifts such as clothing items like trouser, jacket, shoes or stationery, balls, felt tips, etc. preferably for all members of your sponsored child’s family. It is also possible to buy all these items in India.

What is TCV”s attitude towards adoption?
As a policy no child living in any of the Tibetan Children’s Villages or schools are given for adoption. It believes that the Children’s Villages are home and family for the children under its care wherein they grow up learning ones own culture, beliefs and values befitting to that of a Tibetan, its identity and cause and the very purpose of having a Sponsorship Program emphasises this.

What does it mean to sponsor a child or help TCV

  • Every cent of your money goes towards the child and gives meaning to it
  • You get a lifetime satisfaction of having a new family member, or someone to love in a far away country.
  • Your money goes to save a people and its culture from total destruction.
  • It will promote love and universal responsibility

You will receive:

  • Personal drawing/letter from the child
  • Yearly Progress Report on the child, if you so wish.
  • Photograph of the child
  • Biannual newsletter Metok with information about the different branches


Thank you for your interest and concern for the welfare of the Tibetan children under our care. you can rest assure that your help will be most deeply appreciated and put to very good use. if you have any queries or face problems, please do not hesitate to let us know.

You can help the Tibetan Children’s Villages in any of the following ways:

  • Sponsor a child at US $60 per month

Send donations towards the following projects:

a) School Improvement
b) Outreach Programmes
c) Education Publication
d) Specific Projects
e) General fund – to be used where the need is greatest
f) Medical Fund
g) Scholarship Fund for Higher Studies
h) Emergency Fund

Send used warm clothing for both children and adults
Tell a friend about the Tibetan Children’s Villages


If you are in the US, you can make a tax deductible donation by visiting the website of Tibet House California.