President’s Message
Dear Alumni,
First of all, many warm hearty greetings to you all!
I trust this wil find you in the best of health and all is well you and your family.
My purpose here is to make a personal appeal to each and every one of you for taking up the TCV-Membership. I strongly believe this is something everyone can afford and also contribute willingly. It is really not so much the money, but rather the spirit of TCV and its significance in which we all share a personal experience with common root and sense of belonging! It’s in the spirit of this common good that I appeal to all to come forward and participate in the membership drive to make it a great success! The campaign certainly calls for collective effort. I sincerely trust the same is fortcoming with your overwhelming response and support of your Alma-mater.
Furthermore, the success of the membership campaign will mean a big achievement for TCV…a true reflection of its work…that would inspire and make everyone involved in our work proud and happy–all our sponsors, supporters, friends, and the community at large. I think in terms of spirit, this is going to do a wonderful thing for the work of TCV and its future sustainability for which we all owe a shared responsiblity as its members.
Therefore, in all earnestness, I appeal to each and every one of our Alumni members, including staff members-both past and present to join the TCV Membership to make it truly a global community.
Thank you for your great support of your Alma mater!
All best wishes.
Tibetan Membership FORM Download here 
English Membership FORM Download here