Specific Projects

Please help fund specific projects:

The Tibetan Children’s Village is a charitable organization, almost entirely dependent on the kindness and generosity of friends, supporters and donors.  We are fortunate that internal aid agencies and individuals have always been sympathetic to the Tibetan situation and have responded well to our appeal for help in the last 5 decades.

While efforts are continued to be made toward becoming self-reliant and independent through different self-sustaining ventures like the TCV Enterprise, Parent’s Contribution, TCV Membership and Alumni Associations to generate internal sources of revenue, we are still challenged with so many children to look after in our schools.

To top this, there are random needs for implementation of projects, which are largely unbudgeted. Each school proposes its needs and with the child sponsorship contribution, it is not possible to meet the costs of these projects. As a result, we are confronted with stiffness in our financial reserve. Therefore, we appeal to you for help to finance or co-finance a project from the attached list of specific needs.  Please know that every penny is a great help!  

To sustain the life-giving works of the TCV, we will always stand in need of financial assistance from our friends and supporters.   THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT!  


(71 results)
Project Title Branch Amount (Rs)sort descending
Mandatory Media Visits for Journalism students DLIHE, Bangalore 10000
Computer for office Tibetan Youth Hostel, Delhi 21680
Computer for Accountant Tibetan Youth Hostel, Bangalore 25000
LED TV (one set for the guest room lounge) Tibetan Youth Hostel, Delhi 27905
Steel grills for 7 windows at Staff Quarter DLIHE, Bangalore 30000
Furniture/fixtures for Wellness Center DLIHE, Bangalore 34550
Submersible Pump Set DLIHE, Bangalore 38500
Replacement of compressors (2 nos.) at dental clinic Ladakh 40000
Gym fitness equipment DLIHE, Bangalore 40000
Submersible Pump (2 nos.) Gopalpur 44000
Photo copy machine Gopalpur 48000
Photocopy machine (replacement for the old one) Head Office 50000
Conduct Maths Workshop for senior students & teachers Ladakh 51520
LED lighting in the Seminar Hall, Administrative/Library Block DLIHE, Bangalore 52500
Junior Art Room Improvement Bylakuppe 59600
Pest control management in kitchen area DLIHE, Bangalore 60000
Roof water outlet - PVC pipes TCV School, Selakui 60000
Construction of garbage shed (fabrication work only) DLIHE, Bangalore 60000
Submersible pump Bylakuppe 61500
Equipment for Wellness Center DLIHE, Bangalore 64000
Additional cost for senior computer lab – 1 server Gopalpur 65000
Flat screen monitor for Computer trade Private ITI, Selakui 91800
Footpath for Women's Hostel DLIHE, Bangalore 95000
GCMGC Football Tournament - Team Expenses DLIHE, Bangalore 100000
Sporting equipment for Inter-TCV Athletics Meet Upper TCV 100050
Water Project (Karnataka Government Connection) Bylakuppe 110000
Upgrading donated computers in the lab TCV School, Selakui 111328
Infant classroom wooden flooring (labour charges - wood available) Bylakuppe 125000
Musical instruments Bylakuppe 132500
Boundary wall repair (additional cost) Lower TCV 143950
Road from govt. main road to school gate repairing/retiling Gopalpur 167920
Classroom desk repair (150 nos.) for XI Commerce students (2016) Bylakuppe 180000
Choekhang (village temple) Truss Roofing Bylakuppe 180000.00
Choekhang (Village Temple) Truss Roofing Bylakuppe 180000
Junior school Tibetan language teaching – Teacher’s Handbook All TCVs 219000.00
Junior school Tibetan language teaching - Teacher's Handbook All TCVs 219000
Replacement of water tanks Gopalpur 227793
Expenses for 6th Riglam Meet of schools Gopalpur 236901
Construction of toilets for OPH and staff quarters below main playground Ladakh 239630
Graduation gowns and hats DLIHE, Bangalore 250000
Frames & Lights for Taiwanese Photo Exhibition Head Office 280000
Tables and plastic chairs for class XI Commerce students (2016) Bylakuppe 297200
Junior school Class I story book publication and Teacher’s Handbook All TCVs 300000.00
Junior school Class I story book publication and Teacher's Handbook All TCVs 300000
Furniture for the community library at camp no. 3 Mundgod 300000
New boundary wall (toward Tula’s Institute land) TCV School, Selakui 329916
Laptop (12 nos.) for Computer O & A level students Private ITI, Selakui 331200
Guard room construction at the main gate TCV School, Selakui 380435
Installation of solar water heating units TCV School, Suja 386100
MC Quarter Truss Roofing Bylakuppe 400742
Renovation of Eye Clinic Ladakh 403289
Acoustics and A/C installation for Principal’s Office DLIHE, Bangalore 441415
Microsoft license for 30 computers DLIHE, Bangalore 445830
Remodeling of dormitory for staff quarters Patlikuhl 450000
56th Founding Anniversary expenses Upper TCV 452932
Boundary wall renovation (backside of senior block) TCV School, Selakui 496166
Tables and plastic chairs for class XI Commerce students (2017) Bylakuppe 515025
RO water filtration unit DLIHE, Bangalore 550000
Water Purification Plant Private ITI, Selakui 550900
Construction of restroom/lounge next to the open stage Upper TCV 600000
Partition of existing homes (for staff quarters) Bylakuppe 770984
Winter program for students (2017 Kalachakra) Suja/TCV Schools 774450
Construction of septic tank and drainage TCV School, Suja 902167
Double deck beds for class XI Commerce students (2017) Bylakuppe 1044875
Blankets, bedsheet, mattress, covers for class XI Commerce students (2016) Bylakuppe 1124600
New vehicle (replacement of the old one) Chauntra 1150000
Double deck angle iron beds for class XI Commerce students (2016) Bylakuppe 1154000
Homes & staff quarter re-roofing and sanitation improvement Gopalpur 1168321
Renovation of road on campus Lower TCV 1200108
School building ceiling and toilet renovation Bylakuppe 1455507
Equipment for the Seminar Hall, Administrative/Library Block DLIHE, Bangalore 3365830

How You can Help

If you are in the US, you can make a tax deductible donation by visiting the website of Tibet House California.


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