Bharat Jyoti Award 2008 to Ama Jetsun Pema La

Mrs. Pema was one of the recipients of the award among several other prominent personalities at a function held in Delhi on 28th March 2008. Due to her pre-engagements Mrs. Pema was unable to attend the function but the Administrator, Tibetan Youth Hostel, Delhi, received the Award on her behalf. This is a great recognition to Mrs. Pema's selfless sacrifices and dedication for Tibetan children in
particular and the Tibetan community as a whole in general and we are very happy for her.The India International Friendship Society is one of India's leading voluntary organization and advocates strongly in economic growth and national integration. It also stands as a champion in the vital area of forging friendships between individuals, corporate, regions, religions and nations for peace, progress and prosperity of the global community. The Society has awarded the same to many eminent personalities from different walks of life including Mother Teresa.

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